KATA DASH application respects and protects the personal privacy of all users who use the service. To provide you with more accurate and personalized services, this application will use and disclose your personal information by the provisions of this privacy policy. However, this application will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, this application will not disclose this information or make it available to third parties without your prior permission. This app will update this privacy policy from time to time. When you agree to this application service use agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire content of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is an integral part of this application service usage agreement.
1. Applicable range
(a) when you register for the KATA DASH application account, the personal registration
information you provided by the requirements of this application;
(b) When you use the KATA DASH application web service or visit the KATA DASH application platform web page, this application automatically receives and records information on your browser and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, browser type, Data such as language used, date and time of access, software and hardware feature information, and web page records you require;
(c) User personal data obtained by this application from business partners through legal channels.

2. You understand and agree that the following information does not apply to this privacy policy:
(a) the keyword information you enter when using the search services provided by this application platform;
(b) relevant information and data collected by this application and released by you in this application, including but not limited to participation activities, transaction information, and evaluation details;
(c) Violations of laws or violations of the rules of this application and the actions this application has taken against you.
3. Use of information
(a) KATA DASH application will not provide your personal information to any unrelated third party unless your permission is obtained in advance, or the third party and this application (including this application affiliate) provide services to you separately or jointly, After the service ends, it will be barred from accessing all of these materials, including those that it previously had access to.
(b) KATA DASH app also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or disseminate your personal information by any means. If any user of this application platform engages in the above activities, once found, this application has the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with that user.
(c) To serve users, this application may use your personal information to provide you with information that interests you, including but not limited to sending you product and service information or sharing information with this application partner for them to send you information about their products and services (the latter requires your prior consent).
(d) Information that we collect may be asked to provide your personal information anytime you are in contact with KATA. You are not required to provide the personal information that we have requested, but, if you chose not to do so, in many cases we will not be able to provide you with our products or services or respond to any queries you may have.
  • Information you give us when you create a KATA ID, purchase our product, or use our service, you will have to provide or enter a variety of information, such as your name, mailing address, order number, phone number, email address, contact preferences, feedback, or any other information you provide, the information you share with a third party via our service or information you save when using our service.
  • Information on your device or SIM card device-or-SIM-specific information: information about your devices, such as IMEI, IMSI, MAC address, version of mobile terminal, device manufacturer, model, and network operator.
  •  Information we collect information about the services that you use and how you use them. This information includes 
(e)  Log data: when you use our services,
we automatically collect and store certain information in server logs through cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies. This includes:
  • Device or software information, such as the configuration information of your mobile device, web browser, or app you use to access our service, your IP address, the version of your mobile device, and the unique device identifier.
  • Details of how you used our services, such as your search queries, the URLs of your social media pages, and other information and details required for accessing our service.
  • The information about the app and other software you use.
  • Communication made via our services, such as your phone number, time and date of calls, and duration of calls. v. The information (metadata) associated with the content you share via our service, including the date, time, or location of the photos and videos you shared on our platform.
(f). Location Information:
When you use KATA services, we may collect and process information about your actual location. This includes:
  • The location information collected via GPS or WiFi when you use a mobile device to access our service.
  • The real-time location information provided by you or other users, such as the location information in your account, the current or previous location information shown on your shares, and the location tags of the photos you share.
  • You can disable location collection by turning off the location positioning on your mobile device.3. How we use your personal information use the information we collect from all of our services for below purposes:
To provide and improve our service for you.
To verify identity, assist with the identification of users, and determine appropriate services to guarantee the safety of our products and services.
To help us create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve our products and services.
To provide personalized content and information to you and others, such as language preference, location service, and personalized help and instruction.
To help target, personalize and deliver online advertising that is tailored to your interests.
To monitor metrics such as the total number of visitors, traffic, and demographic patterns.
To verify, manage, or upgrade our software system.
To invite you to participate in our product and service survey.
To promote our products, such as through lucky draws or Facebook events.
To process transactions, including customer support and replacement. Your order number will be used for cross-checking with our partners on package delivery. Delivery information, including name, address, phone number, email address, and Zip code is used for package tracking.
To access other features of your device. Our App may access some functions of your other apps on your device, including your contacts’ information, SMS, WiFi status, and related features. Such information is used to allow the related apps to run on your device and interact with KATA DASH.
4. Information disclosure
In the following cases, this application will disclose your personal information in whole or in part according to your wishes or legal requirements:
(a) disclosure to a third party with your prior consent;
(b) to provide the products and services you have requested, your personal information must be shared with third parties;
(c) disclosure to third parties or administrative or judicial bodies by the relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of administrative or judicial bodies;
(d) if you have violated relevant Vietnamese laws, regulations, or this application service agreement or related rules, you need to disclose it to a third party;
(e) If you are a qualified intellectual property complainant and have filed a complaint, you should disclose it to the respondent at the request of the respondent so that both parties can resolve possible rights disputes;
(f) In a transaction created on this application platform, if any party to the transaction fulfills or partially fulfills its transaction obligations and requests for information disclosure, this application has the right to determine the necessary methods for providing the user with the contact method of the counterparty Information to facilitate the completion of a transaction or the resolution of a dispute.
(g) Other disclosures that this application deems appropriate by laws, regulations, or website policies.
5. Information storage and exchange
The information and data collected about you by this application will be stored on the server of this application and/or its affiliates. Such information and data may be transferred to your country, region, or outside the country where the information and data are collected by this application and Accessed, stored, and displayed overseas.
6. Information security
(a) This application account has a security protection function, please keep your username and password information properly. This application will ensure that your information will not be lost, misused, or altered through security measures such as encrypting user passwords. Despite the aforementioned security measures, please also note that there are no "perfect security measures" on the information network.
(b) When using this application network service for online transactions, you must inevitably ask the counterparty or potential trading pair
7. Changes to this privacy policy
(a) if we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes in this policy, on our website, and where we deem appropriate, so that you understand how we
(b) The company reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, so please check it frequently. If major changes are made to this policy, the company will notify through a website notification.
Party to disclose their personal information, such as contact information or postal address. Please protect your personal information and provide it to others only when necessary. If you find that your personal information is leaked, especially the user name and password of this application has been leaked, please contact this application’s customer service immediately so that this application can take corresponding measures.
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