We expect a true commitment to service excellence and fast local delivery.

1.       A few words about us:

KATA VINA CO., LTD is an international B2B production company specializing in the manufacture of automotive interior products. We also exclusively distribute products of many big brands such as VAVA, Goodyear, Fobo Tire ...in Asia.
VAVA Dash Cam is Launched in 2015, VAVA dash cam has quickly become a pioneer in the field of the dashcam.
That is evidenced by a series of prestigious awards voted by consumers such as:
RED DOT for products with innovative designs in 2016
VAVA Dual, VAVA 4K Dashcam achieved the title of amazon choice
VAVA HD top 1 best seller
VAVA Dual 2K top 1 new New Release
KATAVINA is the exclusive distributor of VAVA dash cam products in the Asian market.

2.       Always on time

Just-in-time deliveries are guaranteed by our production planning processes and modern distribution center. For the comfort of our customer's KATA have built a partnership with long-established and reliable logistic companies like DHL and FEDEX, UPS...

3.       Full availability

We guarantee your customers will always get the full range of cameras they need.

4.       What we offer

Our distributors can expect the following from us:
- All best automotive dashcam products from the VAVA brand.
- Technical and commercial training
- Marketing collateral and supporting technical literature, user guides, web material, competitor analysis information, and distributor packs.
- Full training and research
- Comprehensive technical and sales support
- Attend joint visits with agreed key customers
- Provide quarterly product, competition, and market updates

5.       What we expect

We expect a true commitment to service excellence and fast local delivery.

6.       Join our network of distributors

We are proud to have built a network of distribution partners around the world. KATA is currently inviting new companies to join our growing international distributor network. We wish to promote our solutions in the existing and new markets. We are looking for loyal, dedicated partners with in-depth technical expertise, extensive local market knowledge, and relevant contacts.
If you are interested in finding out more about our distributor program or would like to become a distributor yourself, feel free contact ours oversea manager.

  • Email : KhaiND@katavina.com
  • Cell phone : +84 934549998 | Mr Khai (What's App, Viber, Line, We Chat)

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